We’re an ethical, purpose-driven team with a passion for doing good, better

We’re an ethical, purpose-driven team with a passion for doing good, better Image

The clue is in the name

Change, because we believe that people are fundamentally generous, want to support good causes, and make the world a better place for everyone. 

&Co, because we love collaborating with our clients, design partners, data specialists and digital strategists to come up with the very best and most effective creative and campaigns that hit the mark every single time. 

How we work

When we’re not making each other laugh out loud, you’ll find us sitting in strategy meetings, coming up with creative ideas, collaborating with like-minded peeps and putting out cracking campaigns to help our wonderful clients raise more money for their causes.

    A medical research organisation wanted to improve their capacity to communicate with its supporters and non-scientific audiences.

    We conducted an audit of their existing marketing and fundraising collateral and developed tailored advice to create more compelling and impactful communications.

    We produced a range of communications to continually surprise, delight and inspire people to keep supporting this amazing cause.


    An international aid agency needed help to develop a suite of new brand messaging to inform, engage and mobilise their supporters.

    Through a series of workshops, we helped them distil their ideas and identify core messages around their purpose, goals and approach.

    We then helped them craft rich, inspirational copy to communicate clearly who they are, what they do – and above all, why they do it.


    A beach safety organisation in WA wanted to develop a product to attract new regular givers and build a strong sense of pride and community among this important group of supporters.

    Working with our design partner, Tone Studio, we developed a warm and welcoming sub-brand for their regular giving community and a fully integrated digital and direct mail journey that deepens the relationship with donors at every step.

Our client partners

We love organisations doing good, and the passionate people who work in them. Here are a handful of our amazing client partners. 

What our clients say

  • Genuine care
    “The team at Change&Co responded to our brief with creativity and genuine care when telling the very personal stories of the incredible human rights defenders featured in the pack. Comprehensive concept presentations, strong familiarity with brand guidelines, language and tone made for smooth creative collaboration and a successful campaign product that met our KPIs for new confirmed bequest supporters.”
    Naomi Vaughan
    Amnesty International Australia
  • The perfect mix
    “I was completely blown away by Change&Co’s ability to quickly understand our cause and communicate it with a wonderful combination of need, warmth, empathy and emotion. Small wonder then that our tax appeal was outstanding, experiencing a 300% growth year-on-year.”
    Sani Dowa
    Cure Brain Cancer
  • No comparison
    “As we near the end of our project, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for doing such a great job. You’ve produced a really lovely piece of work, and it almost makes our other comms pale in comparison!”
    Camilla Hikarda,
    Oxfam Australia
  • Better than good
    “Change & Co have been instrumental in delivering our appeals strategy, and we are so pleased with the results and our ongoing collaboration. They are always a delight to work with and go over and above to deliver on our briefs. Ours is a true collaborative partnership and I would highly recommend them.”
    Australian Cancer Research Foundation
“Change is about the only constant in our world. The question is, do you want to be driving change for good, or just waiting around to see what happens?”
Dominique Antarakis
Change&Co team sitting on, or standing around, a couch, laughing at a joke someone made.

Remembering Naomi Byers: A beloved colleague lost but forever cherished

Naomi was a bright, funny, kind, quirky person who was intensely passionate about fundraising strategy and helping clients. She actually liked Excel spreadsheets if they contained lots of data about appeal results and segmentation.

She had a massive soft spot for animals and was constantly rescuing stray cats and rats – usually the most traumatised and neurotic ones she could find. But she had a way of making them feel safe – something she did with all her colleagues and clients as well.

Naomi made us feel loved, understood and fiercely protected. We shared pet photos and silly memes, avidly watched each other’s favourite shows, comforted each other on the difficult days, and laughed together almost every day.

She was only 42 – far too young to leave this earth, and while she had been unwell for a while, there was no warning, and we are all in shock. Despite the physical distance of working remotely, we are a family, and losing Naomi leaves a huge hole in our hearts, and our world.

We farewell her with love.